/ the accelerator program

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The purpose of the accelerator program is for you to create business opportunities with any of the partners or stakeholders involved in the program.


Since there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all approach, the five-month program is tailor-made to provide access to a broad range of support and services such as:

  • Individual coaching

  • Tailored workshops

  • Market analysis

  • Business and pricing models

  • Supply chain development

  • Definition of value propositions

  • Team assessment and partnership models

  • Industrialization support

  • IP rights protection and certification

The main part of the program will run online but - if the COVID19 situation allows - selected startups will be invited to participate in some activities in Skellefteå.


In-kind services from our partners are included in the program.

If you have any more questions, visit our FAQ

/ Get to know the program Hosts 


Skellefteå Kraft

Ann-Christine Schmidt
FUI Coordinator 

Could you describe your challenges in the coming years?


Skellefteå Kraft's purpose is to make Sweden's energy system 100% renewable. To get there, we need to both initiate and participate in projects that contribute to it. And we achieve that goal only through collaborations and in partnerships with others.


At the same time, huge investments are being made in green transition right here, in our region. With access to clean and renewable energy, several industries and organizations have chosen to establish and develop here. A total of SEK 70 billion is now being invested in Skellefteå, which will lead to a historic societal transformation that will affect the entire region's development.


In this journey, we at Skellefteå Kraft have high ambitions. We want to be involved in development, but it needs to be done with sustainable conditions. And the challenges we see include mobility, transport and energy storage. These are very important issues that we need to solve together and constantly improve.

What expectations do you have for the 2021 program?

We look forward to taking part in new ideas that can develop Skellefteå Kraft's existing operations but also generate new products and services with a focus on sustainable energy innovation.

In Skellefteå, there is potential to build an ecosystem that can lead the way for Europe's transition to a sustainable energy system. We know there’s a need to help entrepreneurs and startups find their way to Skellefteå to show them the enormous opportunities here.

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Data ductus

AnnCarin Falkman
Head of BU IoT/ IT på Data Ductus

Could you describe your challenges in the coming years?


Big things are happening, especially around CO2 emission reduction within heavy industries. Here in Skellefteå, for instance, Northvolt’s lithium battery giga-factory is under construction.


At Data Ductus we are involved in a lot of innovative projects involving CO2 emission reduction and we - like the north of Sweden - are in a growth phase.


We’re developing digital solutions that make a difference to society - IT for good you could say. So, for anybody who feels a calling to the north, I’d just like to say, welcome to where IT happens!

What expectations do you have for the 2021 program?

At Data Ductus, we are passionate about sustainability in a larger context. The green energy transition feels obvious to contribute to, but also innovations that generally improve the conditions for humans in a longer perspective.


Sustainable relationships and sustainable IT solutions will be our keywords in Accelerate Skellefteå.

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boliden rönnskär

Karin Ahnqvist
Corporate Responsibility Manager

Could you describe your challenges in the coming years?


Boliden’s long-term climate target is to produce metals with a low carbon footprint. Supporting the Paris Agreement, Boliden Rönnskär has targeted to reduce its CO2 intensity by 40% and lower our energy intensity by 5% by 2030.


Substantial investments are made to reach the target, striving to increase energy efficiency and decrease the use of fossil fuels. Boliden wants to set an example for the mining and metals industry to produce minerals with a low impact on nature and the climate.


What expectations do you have for the 2021 program?


Our Boliden Rönnskär site is a modern production site that has been developed together with Skellefteå for over 90 years. Today we are one of northern Sweden's biggest industrial sites.


We are always striving to meet and exceed tough production targets. Energy and energy use is at the core of our business to produce metals and other products.


Through Accelerate Skellefteå, we see the opportunity to scan the European market for new innovative technologies to find ways to accelerate that process.


Accelerate Skellefteå is an initiative in collaboration between EIT InnoEnergy, Skellefteå Kraft and Skellefteå Science City. Combining a European network with a strong innovation- and energy-focused home base will set you up for boosting your business. 

Skellefteå Kraft was founded in 1906 and is one of Sweden’s five largest electricity producers and the largest of Sweden’s municipality-owned power companies.

3 772 GWh of electricity was produced in 2019, with a major part coming from northern hydropower and wind power as well as from renewable sources.

Skellefteå Kraft is fully owned by the municipality of Skellefteå and is living proof of the importance of endurance when growing a renewing society.



Skellefteå Science City offers a favourable environment with already established ecosystems fostering innovation and start-ups. The mission is to develop the regional innovation system. This includes attracting new organisations to Skellefteå, such as established institutions and innovation support, along with incubators and investors. 

Skellefteå Science City also stimulates and creates channels for collaboration with other regions, both nationally and internationally



EIT InnoEnergy operates at the centre of the energy transition, bringing the technology and skills required to support the green deal and Europe’s decarbonisation goals. We have backed more than 380 start-ups since 2010, 90% of which have partnered with corporations. We have invested 560 million euros in nearly 500 energy innovations, which are on track to generate €16 billion in revenue by 2026 and have saved 5.5M tons of CO2 to date. We also bring together 500+ key players from across the energy value chain, from 18 different countries, who have indirect access to 150 million energy consumers.


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/ the PILOT 2020

During the autumn of 2020, a pilot of the program Accelerate Skellefteå was undertaken. The concept was developed and implemented in collaboration with Skellefteå Kraft, EIT InnoEnergy, and Skellefteå Science City. Accelerate Skellefteå offered startups with ideas in energy storage, mobility, and electrification a chance to participate in a development program.

The call for the program generated a total of 42 applications from more than 20 countries. The five companies that were selected during the autumn of 2020 went through a twelve-week program. With coaching from Skellefteå Kraft, they had the chance to develop their ideas.

As the pandemic prevented physical encounters, the program took place completely digitally. Despite these challenges, the pilot program was a success. So now we are ready to further develop the program so that Accelerate Skellefteå 2021 will open up new opportunities for energy-focused startups.